We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological innovation within the transport and logistics sector.

Tailored IT Solutions crafted for You

Having the insight and understanding that each of our clients have distinct requirements shapes our commitment to provide tailored IT solutions; our systems are not just designed to align with your unique needs but are also aimed at enhancing your operational efficiency. They offer real-time insights, enabling quick and well-informed decisions that streamline your logistics and transportation activities.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to technology is not just about staying ahead; it’s about delivering a superior service to our customers every day.

With Clarke Transport, experience a service that’s customised to your business, ensuring both efficiency and precision in every aspect of our collaboration.

Real-Time Tracking & Delivery Verification

Our precise service provides:
Live ETA Updates: Stay informed via email, SMS, or our customer portal for up-to-the-minute delivery timings.
Delivery Photos & Geo-Location: Gain visual and location-based confirmation of each delivery for trust and accuracy.
Full Network Traceability: With our advanced system, track your shipment’s journey at every step, ensuring complete transparency.

Unparalleled Cybersecurity in Logistics

Setting the industry standard, we offer unmatched safety and security in the logistics sector. Our dedication to protecting data and digital infrastructure is underlined by the prestigious Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This recognition isn’t just a mark of quality; it reflects our steadfast commitment to the highest data protection and cyber resilience standards. With us, you get the assurance of leading-edge cybersecurity, a level of security that sets us apart from our competitors.

Efficient Customer Portal

Designed for utmost transparency , you can effortlessly track deliveries in real-time and access crucial documents. From managing claims and reviewing KPIs to obtaining manifests, delivery documentation, labels, invoices, and PODs - this portal simplifies and streamlines your logistics experience. Committed to open communication, we ensure that every interaction with Clarke Transport is clear, convenient, and customer-focused.

Industry-Leading ETA Window

Our revolutionised delivery system is four times more accurate than any other provider in the market, ensuring our customers always know when to expect their deliveries, down to the last 30 minutes.

EDI Capabilities and Flexibility

Seamless communication and data exchanges with our customers ensures transparency, flexibility and efficiency in all transactions, adapting to your needs and demands quickly and effectively.

Innovating for the Future

At Clarke Transport, we continuously explore new technologies to improve our services. Whether it's advanced fleet management systems, AI-driven logistics planning, or sustainable transport solutions, we are always looking ahead.

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